Our clients and customers love us and it shows!

We’ve received tremendously positive feedback over nearly two decades of service and would like to share a small selection of thank you letters.

Survey returned: Starting with the initial contact, consultation and throughout the sales process, did we provide enough guidance that you felt prepared for each step? Yes I cannot say enough good things about Girlfriends Estate sales, from the initial contact to the final payment. Everyone I came into contact with or spoke to on the phone were courteous, patient (I had a lot of questions) and professional. I was not sure how they were going to do it during the pandemic but they did! I was very impressed. Were our interactions with you by phone, email and face to face always professional? Yes, I had the most contact with Becky and Rhonda. Both women were top notch, friendly, helpful and patient with me as I navigated this sale from afar. I had brief contact with Brian and the set up crew. And true to form all were friendly and informative. Did we meet or exceed your expectations? Girlfriends more than met and exceeded my expectations. I have nothing but praise for this company. They managed to make a very stressful situation for me to feel like a walk in the park! They went above and beyond. Did you schedule a clean out, and did they meet your expectation? Yes, Used Cascade Cleanout from your list. Everything I said about your company, I could say the same about Justin and his crew. Again this was done from afar and Justin kept me up to date the whole step of the way. Would you recommend our services to others? Yes, I am happy to tout your praises. Well Done!! Link Here: https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/seattle-estate-sale-2/

Kim, Seattle, Wa
December 10-11, 2020

Thank you for all your help. We were overwhelmed and Girlfriends Estate sales came to the Rescue!! Survey returned: Starting with the initial contact, consultation and throughout the sales process, did we provide enough guidance that you felt prepared for each step? Yes you were great. Were our interactions with you by phone, email and face to face always professional? The whole staff was very helpful. Becky thank you for all your help. Did we meet or exceed your expectations? Yes you totally met our expectations. Did you schedule a clean out, and did they meet your expectation? N/A Would you recommend our services to others? Yes, we would. Link Here: https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/bothell-estate-sale-3/

Tim, Bothell, Wa
December 4-5, 2020

Survey returned: Starting with the initial contact, consultation and throughout the sales process, did we provide enough guidance that you felt prepared for each step? Yes very organized and professional. The prep work, set up by Girlfriends Estate Sales exceeded my expectations. Were our interactions with you by phone, email and face to face always professional? Yes Did we meet or exceed your expectations? NO-due to Covid, sales were not as expected. Did you schedule a clean out, and did they meet your expectation? N/A Would you recommend our services to others? Yes I would like to thank you for reducing commission in response to the poor sales due to Covid. Thank you so much! Link Here: https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/woodinville-estate-sale-3/

Margaret, Woodinville, Wa
October 9-10, 2020

Becky, I thought I would share some pictures of the items I have purchased at several different girlfriends estate sales since Covid-19 started. These past several months have been tough on everyone and your sales have brought me joy during this time as I am always working to make my home a cozy and welcoming place to be. You’ll probably recognize many of these items in the pictures! Thanks again Aimee

Aimee, Shopper, Wa
May-Aug, 2020

Becky, Thanks for your assistance. Wow Becky! This looks amazing. I’m so hopeful there will be a good turn out! Thanks for the update Survey returned: Starting with the initial contact, consultation and throughout the sales process, did we provide enough guidance that you felt prepared for each step? Yes Were our interactions with you by phone, email and face to face always professional? Yes-Becky was great to work with Did we meet or exceed your expectations? Exceeded! Did you schedule a clean out, and did they meet your expectation? Yes, Used Cascade Cleanout. Justin was great. Would you recommend our services to others? Yes, Link Here: https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/seattle-blue-ridge-art-deco-estate-sale/

LeeAnn, Seattle, Wa
August 21-22, 2020

Survey returned: Starting with the initial contact, consultation and throughout the sales process, did we provide enough guidance that you felt prepared for each step? Yes very much so. Were our interactions with you by phone, email and face to face always professional? Pleased with the entire team, especially those who set up and tagged items. Did we meet or exceed your expectations? This sale had challenges, such as street closure, parking, Covid- but despite that my expectations were met by Girlfriends Estate Sale, except for large furniture items, that did not sell. Did you schedule a clean out, and did they meet your expectation? N/A Would you recommend our services to others? Yes, very pleased overall. Link Here: https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/seward-park-estate-sale/

Kent, Seattle, Wa
August 14-15, 2020

Becky, Thank you. We appreciate the professional manner in the way you conducted the sale. We did get the email on the love seats and did sell them to him. Keith Survey returned: Starting with the initial contact, consultation and throughout the sales process, did we provide enough guidance that you felt prepared for each step? Yes very clear. Were our interactions with you by phone, email and face to face always professional? We only dealt with Becky and Brian. Both were great and clear about what to do and expect. Did we meet or exceed your expectations? Girlfriends Estate Sales exceeded our expectations. Did you schedule a clean out, and did they meet your expectation? N/A I will refer you. Link Here: https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/redmond-by-appointment-sale/

Tracy & Keith, Lake Forest Park, Wa
August 7-8, 2020

Survey returned: Starting with the initial contact, consultation and throughout the sales process, did we provide enough guidance that you felt prepared for each step? The website and Becky's emails were very helpful. Were our interactions with you by phone, email and face to face always professional? Becky was always professional. Her attention to detail in regards to Covid19 requirements was great. Did we meet or exceed your expectations? Girlfriends Estate Sales team did a great job staging everything. Once we saw the listing. online, it looked so good! Did you schedule a clean out, and did they meet your expectation? I scheduled a clean out with Justin M of Cascade Cleanup. Justin and his crew were incredible! We could not believe how clean the home was when they were done. I will ABSOLUTELY refer you. Link Here: https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/redmond-by-appointment-sale/

Gwen, Redmond, Wa
July 17-18, 2020

Hi Becky, thank you for a great experience. You offer an outstanding service, and your team is the very best! Brian is a gem, and everyone felt like family from beginning to end. I am so grateful that you took me on after I backed out (3 times, I think). I've referred you to 2 of my clients. Best regards, Marsha Survey returned: Starting with the initial contact, consultation and throughout the sales process, did we provide enough guidance that you felt prepared for each step-Becky was always responsive and clear in the information she provided to me in person, email and by phone. She responded quickly and succinctly to my questions and concerns. The paperwork provided prior to signing the contract provided a complete guide to the process and I felt very informed throughout each step. Were our interactions with you by phone, email and face to face always professional? Becky and her staff were always professional & courteous in their dealings with me. I felt welcomed, reassured and understood during what was, for me, a stressful process. Special thanks to Brian for attending both days of my sale and making a real investment in its success. Special thanks to Becky for never making me feel that I was wasting her time! Special thanks to the crew who welcomed my intrusions and questions. Did we meet or exceed your expectations? Girlfriends Estate Sales exceeded my expectations at every point along the way. From set-up, to sale days, to clean up they were efficient, thorough and respectful s they dealt with my things. I was shocked at how many things sold in two short days during a pandemic when the entire process of holding estate sales was disrupted. And finally, in all honesty, the sale made more than twice as much as I expected. Did you schedule a clean out, and did they meet your expectation? I scheduled a clean out with Justin M of Cascade Cleanup. Justin and his crew were Fantastic. They arrived in the morning and the house was completely clean by that afternoon. Justin went out of his way to help me take care of some very large pieces of furniture. I will ABSOLUTELY refer you and have already recommended to several clients of mine. Link Here: https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/kenmore-estate-sale/

Marsha, Kenmore, Wa
June 26-27, 2020

We felt we were informed throughout the process, Becky stood out and kept us informed, we exceeded expectations, and would recommend your services. Hi Becky, Thank you for letting us know. Angie walked us through the house and you were right...furniture doesn’t sell. We are really happy with the results and thank you for all your hard work especially during all this virus mess. Would it be possible to get a breakdown on what sold and for how much....just out of curiosity. If you don’t normally do that no problem. Link Here: https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/128399-2/

Leanne, Sammamish, Wa
June 26-27, 2020

Thank you! We think you guys did an excellent job. The handouts from the consultation were very helpful. The contract documents were really thorough. Questions asked through email were answered completely. Becky was always professional, Knowledgable and courteous. Brian was Great! These two really know their business. Expectations were met and exceeded. This was very emotional for me and they dealt with some changes. I requested calmly and with an answer, sure, we can do that "attitude". We have already recommended you. Link Here: https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/burien-estate-sale/

Magen, Burien, Wa
June 19-20, 2020

Hi Becky, I’m amazed how widely viewed our sale was! Your beautiful pictures and descriptions make a world of difference. Without all the advertising we would still have a home gym sitting in our rec room and funny floral sofas in the living room!! Thank you for sticking with us through all the challenges we’ve had with the Coronavirus restrictions. I’m happy we could finally have a sale! You and your crew have worked really hard and jumped through a lot of hoops to make it happen. I am thankful we had so many people take time out of their lives to visit our sale and purchase so much of our stuff. I hope they enjoy every item they took home. You provide a wonderful service and I’m so happy we had the opportunity to work with you! Most of all I want to thank you for your kindness and understanding about the Westmorland silver. My sister is so happy to have it! And I’m pretty happy to be taking home the Vernon’s Tickled Pink dishes!! Thank you!! I hope all your sales going forward will be very profitable and that the second half of 2020 more than makes up for the losses of the last three months. I am very happy with the way our sale turned out and thankful to all of you for making the task of clearing out Dad’s house so much more manageable. With gratitude, Kelli PS – How in the world did someone get that cactus out of the house?? I would have loved to have seen it!! ;-) Link Here: https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/edmonds-estate-sale-3/

Kellie, Edmonds, Wa
June 12-13, 2020

Most definitely we had enough guidance throughout the sale process. Our interactions with Brian was terrific and wonderful to work with. Timing, texts and messages to provide updates and respond to our questions. He really seemed to appreciate the art that was sold, especially the mid century pottery. Girlfriends Estate sales exceeded our expectations and we give you 5 stars out of 5. We will recommend your service.Thanks much. We thought the sale went very well and Brian was great to work with. Lynne on-line sale during covid19 Link Here: https://www.estatesales.net/WA/Bellevue/98005/marketplace/25273

Lynne, Bellevue, Wa
June 5-9, 2020

Oh Becky, everything you have posted looks amazing. Again, I can’t tell you enough how impressed I am with the whole process. Very efficient. The guidance I received was excellent. Interactions through phone, email and face to face with Becky answered any questions immediately. The person who stands out most is Brian. I am incredibly impressed with everything he did. He was extremely organized and worked so well with his team. I believe he managed everything, if not then he should be promoted. Anytime I called or texted, he answered immediately. Everything was extremely organized and thoughtfully pictured. I did not have faith that the online sale would be much success but it was! It surpassed any expectations I had. Brian handled everything professionally with regard to selling my son’s mini cooper. When he said he could sell it for $4,100 I did not believe it. But he did. Also anytime I came to the house, everyone was so cheerful and busy at work. I have never seen such a well oiled machine. Another thing that was so incredibly (this is an understatement) helpfuto me was the fact that every single drawer and cabinet was emptied and left neatly empty. l am completely overwhelmed coming back to this was emotionally satisfying. I can not thank you Becky and your wonderful team enough. You made a very overwhelming situation/time in my life manageable. You exceeded my expectations and will recommend your service. I did not use a cleanout company because this goes back to Brian and your team. I was shocked to come back and see the house so neat and tidy. The items that did not sell were neatly placed in the garage or counter tops. Thank you, Gail on-line sale during covid19 Link Here: https://www.estatesales.net/WA/Redmond/98053/marketplace/24670

Gail, Redmond, Wa
May 16, 2020

Wow! You have done a great job of selling stuff inCOVID times!!! The house is so empty! It is so organized, I’m impressed and at how clean the space is. We’re here for a couple nights. there are a couple things I need for my parents, winter coats, a pair of gloves and my mom’s little suitcase. We are moving them to Redmond Oregon in 2 days. I can keep track of what I take per contract. None look like sold items. We were well informed of the process from the beginning. We were from out of state dealing with my parents estate. Becky guided us well through this unfamiliar process. Staff that stood out was becky great at responses to questions and Brian cleaned up house for our visit-very nice and organized. The sale exceeded our expectations. The dollar amount was not important us as it was my parents sale. Girlfriends exceeded in organization, knowledge of pricing, flexibility with Covid19 conditions and excellent online look, information and feed. We used Justin from Cascade cleanout and he was quick, organized and followed up on what items should be left and what to take. House was clean when done! We will recommend your services. https://www.estatesales.net/WA/Bellevue/98008/marketplace/24292

Leilani, Bellevue, Wa
May, 5-9, 2020

Very happy and very professional throughout the process from the beginning to the end of the sale. Becky was wonderful. We exceeded expectations. Justin, from Cascade cleanup was great. We will always recommend your services. Excellent, quality operation! The Best!!! Two pieces of art, sold at the public sale, for $60,000. Yes art can be sold at public sale and not just auctions houses. https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/kirkland-condo-move-out-sale/

Susan, Kirkland, Wa
March, 12, 2020

Everything was very well laid out and communicated clearly throughout the sale process from the initial call through the end of the sale. Emails were quickly answered. Our goal was to clear as much as possible and not to have a charge at the end of the sale. It exceeded our goal. We have already recommended your services. https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/new-castle-estate-sale-3/

Rose, Newcastle, Wa
January, 24-25, 2020

Starting with the initial contact and throughout the sales process, very importantly you were always there for us. (in spite of how busy you were) to answer any questions or provide more guidance than many people in your profession, would even ask the question. They wouldn't because they don't realize how important this is. You provided this and still wanted to be better. How impressive! Yes always professional, courteous and helpful. We expected a lot. We got a lot more! The time, work and care you put into the project was exceptional. We absolutely will refer you to others. Separate letter received: Dear Becky, Phil and I would like to thank you again for the wonderful job you and your team did on our estate sale. The time, knowledge and expertise that went into your work was very impressive. Your aesthetic sense, Becky, was also appreciated as well as your interest in hiring "high Level" people to help you achieve a great outcome. We admire you for your honesty and integrity. While others might look for ways to cut corners in a large and tedious job, "you are willing to go the extra mile" (and extra time) to do the best it can be. Phil and I understand your work ethic and appreciate it very much. Thank you, again https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/estate-sale-pending-contract/

Francis and Phil, Mercer Island, Wa
January 18-19, 2020

Becky received the check and I hope the last item will sell at the next auction. If not then what? Thank you so much for the work you do and thank goodness you have a great crew who gets it done. Thank you, I would recommend you to anyone as a very reliable Estate seller and for auction items. Thank you, Sandra https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/seattle-magnolia-estate-sale/

Sandra, Magnolia, Wa
December, 6-7 2019

Becky, Thank you for all your help and assistance with the estate sale. Initially you were hesitant about which items would sell, but the final tally showed us that it was a success. Sorry to say I can not remember the names of the staff that handled the staging. They all were very respectful of the items and professional in how they brought this process together. To each of them "Thank-You". Again, tremendous help when I really needed it. I felt very comfortable with the whole process, and Barb stood out during the staging process. You exceeded my expectations and I have already referred your company. Thank you Becky, Arlene https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/woodinville-estate-sale/

Arlene, Woodinville, Wa
September 19-20, 2019

Dear Becky, Brian, Barb, Gail, Steve, Ralita & Kimmy, I can't thank you all enough for all your hard work handling my parents estate sale. I truly appreciate everything you all did to make it a success. God Bless, Dana https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/bellevue-estate-sale-2/

Dana, Bellevue, Wa
September 13-14, 2019

Dana, Bellevue, Wa
September 13-14, 2019

From the initial contact and throughout the process I was provided guidance but I was a little unsure how much organizing, etc. I needed to do at my in-laws prior home. Everyone we dealt with were great. Brian and Barb were fantastic and everyone else were wonderful. This was our first estate sale experience and we were unsure what to expect. Yes you met our expectations and we were very happy with the results. Absolutely we will recommend your services. Amy https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/mukilteo-estate-sale/

Amy, Mukilteo, Wa
August 16-17, 2019

From the initial contact and throughout the process it was always professional. With a few details I wanted clarification on, Brian responded promptly. Yes you met our expectations and we will recommend your services. Thank you very much Becky, Michael https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/s-seattle-estate-sale/

Michael, Seattle, Wa
July 19-20, 2019

Yes we received very much so guidance through the sale process. We had the most contact with Becky & Brian, and all the staff was very professional and courteous. Expectation were met and exceeded in some respects. We hired a clean out company and they took longer than expected.I will recommend your services. I just wanted to say "Thank you" to you and your team for helping us downsize. Your assistance has helped us during our transition back to the east coast. We are glad it was a successful sale. All the best, Terry & Evelent https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/2019-07-11kirkland-estate-sale-2/

Terry & Evelent, Kirkland, Wa
July 11-12, 2019

Yes we received enough guidance through the sale process and the articles on your website were very helpful. All interactions were very professional. I liked the way the items were displayed and expectation were met.I will recommend your services. https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/2019-06-07-mill-creek-estate-sale/

Janet, executrix, Mill Creek, Wa
June 7-8, 2019

Yes we received enough guidance through the sale process, all interactions were professional, met expectation and we will recommend your services. https://www.girlfriendsestatesales.com/2019-03-15-115202-2/

John, Issaquah, Wa
March 15, 2019

We first met with Jenifer and she was great. Becky was so helpful getting me the correct info and all the staff at our house were pleasant ,efficient and friendly. Off course we would have liked to have sold everything,but that isn't realistic. We were pleased with the outcome. Cascade clean out did our after sale clean out and we highly recommend them.

Mike & Jackie Bellevue
March 2019

Thank you so much for all the great work your team did for us. I am amazed at how much is gone. You must have a great following out there. Your team is wonderful. Friendly, respectful, hard working. Jenifer was very helpful in answering all our questions, scheduling, and letting us know what was happening. All the folks that came to sort and price were very friendly and answered all our questions. They did a great job setting up. We walked in the first day after set up and were amazed at how nice it looked. Some rooms looked even better than before the sorting and set up. Plus, they were very respectful of us staying in the house until the sale and left our bed free of items and areas in the kitchen free so we could at least do a bit of cooking and cleaning. I was especially happy they left the area by my coffee pot free of items! Brian is a gem. His patience with all our pricing questions and dealing with our concerns is admirable. Plus he is just very friendly and knowledgeable. And wow, when we come home after the sale, which went on way past noon on Saturday (thank you), we were so extremely surprised and very happy that so much was gone but mostly on how clean and neat you left the house. All the leftover items were neatly put along the sides of the rooms or on the left-over furniture and the rooms were swept or vacuumed. Helene was still here sweeping the garage (it hasn’t looked that good since we moved in) and then despite our telling her she could leave and we would finish cleanup, she insisted on staying to finish the two upstairs rooms. For an event that is emotionally difficult, your team made it very easy. Thank you very much!

Karen and Barry Sammamish
February 2019

I love this estate sale company! Becky and her wonderful crew are helpful and fair and do a fabulous job! The staff is cheerful, even when there are lots of people they take time to help you. I have seen them deal with very rude customers with patience and professionalism, something I'm not so sure I would do well, but they certainly do! They are also quite knowledgeable when dealing with vintage and antique items.

Marian Luther on Facebook br/> 2018

Interactions were always professional & courteous. We already have passed your number onto our Probate law firm

Sandy & Lew Kennydale
December 2018

Kirkland Sale 12/1/2018 - 5.0 star rating

Absolutely the best experience! Brian ran our sale and it went so smoothly. In addition to selling EVERYTHING in two days, the found a valuable item and notified us immediately. They brought in double the amount of money I had expected. The house was left very clean and all items were picked up before the end of the second day. Trustworthy, organized and they really know what they are doing.

Al L Kirkland, Wa
December 2018

Covington Sale 11/16-17/2018

Hi Becky, Thank you for all your efforts. You've really helped us move closer to our goal. Please relay our gratitude to Ralita, Barbra, Eric, and Brian. We have already recommended you to a couple of other people who might be downsizing in the near future. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving & Mahalo plenty,

Phil and Dixie C, Covington, WA
November 2018

Eatonville Sale 11/8-9/2018

Starting with the initial consultation Jenifer was impressive. She wrote down information, worked with us to guide us through the process of the estate sale and we felt very comfortable with her from the start. All our interactions were professional especially Jenifer and Brian! The rest of the staff were awesome! You really enjoy each person. You not only met our expectations, but exceeded in every way beyond our wildest dreams. We will recommend you. We were amazed when the crew vacuumed the house! Thank you!

Randi B, Eatonville
November 2018

Greenwood Sale 11/1-3/2018 - 5.0 star rating

I used Girlfriends for a sale of my Godfather estate on November 1,2 and 3. He had a lot of vintage furniture that he had collected over the years. Although I live in Miami and the sale was in Seattle, the folks from Girlfriends were very accessible and helpful. They went the extra mile to sort and organized and keep me informed as to how the sale was going. They even added an extra day because of the amount of things that were there. They also hired a company to take away and clean the house of the things that were not sold. They distributed all they money with complete integrity. I highly recommend them.

Mirtha R. Miami, FL
November 2018

Auburn Sale 9/13-15/2018 - 5.0 star rating

I used Girlfriends for a sale of my sister's belongings in September. My sister had a lot of stuff she had collected over the years and the folks from Girlfriends, in addition to being accessible and patient, went the extra mile to sort and organize so that we were able to maximize the sale results. Very nice people who work hard and charge a reasonable fee for all the services that they perform.

Diane D. Portland, OR
November 2018

From the start Brian did an excellent job of introducing us to the process, Setting expectations and communicating plans

Jim in Redmond
November 2018

You guys did a great job & moved a huge amount of inventory. You worked with us with little space to stage and having a live in family member.

Eileen in Renton
September 2018

Excellent communications with staff & crew throughout. I was astounded at the speed and quality of the work performed. Definitely exceeded my expectations..Something that is becoming more & more rare in my life..LOL

Rebecca in Redmond
July 2018

Everyone was very Helpful,Professional and Courteous .

Linda in Sammamish
June 2018

Becky We are extremely grateful. I can not even begin to say how much your services helped a shitty situation be a successful one. Thank you so much for everything you and your team did for my brother and I. Thanks Again, Mandy

May 2018

I want to thank you for taking the time to speak with me. It was refreshing to have a prompt call back and professional experience with you. Not something I found when reaching out to multiple businesses

March 2018

Your staff was very knowledgeable and feedback was positive from those who met with your staff, as I was handling this Estate from out of state. Took a lot of pressure off of the family.

Cyndi in Hawaii
March 2018

Exceeded our expectations!

Larry in Snohomish
February 2018

Clients response to hearing their sale had over 10,000 views online: Thanks for sharing, that's quite a reach, people were promptly signing the line-up sheet on our door a 5am on Friday. Those are some serious buyers!

Alan in West Seattle
January 2018

Top Rate. Our expectations were high and you definitely met them. We felt and appreciated a personal connection. Thanks to Brian, Jenifer & Becky

Tom in Camano Island
October 2017


We are very happy that we chose to have an Estate sale, and that we chose Girlfriends Estate Sales to conduct it.They came to us highly recommended, and they lived up to their reputation. All that they were able to do to reduce the amount of my parent’s possessions- and to entice others to pay us for the privilege of helping us to do so --was greatly appreciated as it made the rest of our job of preparing the house for sale considerably easier

October 2017

I just wanted to call you to say that Brian really went above & beyond this weekend helping me out

October 2017

Hi Becky, Your staff were great, especially Eric, what a helpful employee you have in him. On our 2nd trip Richard and I were having trouble fitting all 6 chairs into the Pick Up. Brian was a 'Genius' for sure, had them figured out within just a few minutes and we were off and onto 405 again. I cleaned up the set this morning and it fits into the color theme beautifully. Thanks again for all your help and see you next time somewhere I'm sure.

Marge & Richard
September 2017

We wanted to send you an email regarding an employee Eric Horne. We attended one of your sales in Bellevue today – Sept 22nd and bought several items including 2 very large plant containers and a small plant container. Of course we show up unprepared ( our fault) and had to empty the pots that were full of potting soil and Eric was so helpful to us and found us shovels and buckets to use – we could not have done it without him. He is an excellent representative for your organization . We came away from your sale that we will certainly attend other sales of yours and will recommend your sales to our friends. So many times people are quick to complain and slow to praise so we wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your operation.

Thank you, Todd and Marie in Kirkland
September 2017

From the quality of your website, to all Staff we talked to by phone or met in the process,all were professional, friendly and helpful. Our neighbors and the family that bought our house were impressed with the professional manner in which Girlfriend's ran a well attended sale.

Sandra in Seattle
September 2017

Hi ,Becky I want to thank you for helping us out with the situation we are facing when our person bailed on us for the estate sale.

M.B. in Maple Valley
August 2017

Surprised that the staging only took one day! Jenifer, Ralita and Brian were all Great!

Gary in Woodinville
June 2017

Great support understanding all the steps. Very easy to initiate and complete. Everyone was great, but Brian especially communicated well throughout the sale. You exceeded my expectations, and I will most definitely recommend your services to others.

Joan in Lake Forest Park
June 2017

Communication was great, from the staff's patience with us during our initial visit to even better as our sale progressed. You exceeded my monetary expectations

Rosa in Seattle
June 2017

We thought mom would be able to stay in the house during the setup and sale, but quickly realized she needed to be moved out. You met & exceeded our expectations. I don’t know how we would have moved my mom out of her house without your help!

Linda in Fall City
May 2017

Everyone was great and I would strongly recommend your services to others.

Tom in Kent
April 2017

You gave me peace of mind, and your service is excellent. Thank you!

Paula in Medina
March 2017

While we had hoped for stronger sales, we were pleased with everyone's hard work with organizing and conducting the sale!

Rich in Issaquah,
March 2017

All of your staff members were excellent.

Gail in Mercer Island
February 2017

Absolutely exceeded our expectations.

Chuck in Seattle
February 2017

Becky did a great job of explaining the process and was careful to be reserved in valuations, particularly "dark wood" furniture. Brian and Eric were great. So many thanks for your flexibility and all of the hard work. I totally love the integrity shown by all.

Jon in Seattle
January 2017

We were very impressed with Grilfriends' knowledge about items that were being sold: the market trends on "what really is selling right now" and their fair and appropriate pricing for highly collectible and valuable jewelry, watches, silver, art, etc. The crew was efficient, hard-working, and pleasant, and they tackled an overwhelming job with energy and good humor. The prep for the sale, the sale itself, and the results all exceeded our expectations. We recommend Girlfriends Estate Sales heartily and fully.

Don and Brenda in Seattle
January 2017

Interactions were always great. You absolutely exceeded my expectations! I have already recommended your services to other people.

Attorney in Kirkland
November 2016

Your staff was always professional, especially Becky and Brian. I was pleased with the results. I know if the weather was better, the results would have been even better. I couldn't imagine trying to do this myself.

David in Newcastle
October 2016

We received all the help and info we needed. You have very professional and friendly staff--Brian was great! You exceeded our expectations, and we highly recommend you.

MaryLou in Shoreline
September 2016

I must tell y'all: we went to (our) Shoreline (house) yesterday and met your staff, all of which were very kind, pleasant, and professional. Our hats off to that awesome team!

Lisa and Steve in Shoreline
September 2016

I wanted to say thank you for all you did getting ready for and conducting the sale today. It was a huge relief for me to be able to turn that job over to you professionals. It was such a pleasure to walk into the house this afternoon and see how much sold. So thank you!

Melissa in Ballard
August 2016

The staff was friendly and helpful. I especially appreciate the care that was taken not to mark up the walls as the whole house had just been painted. Thank you for a very professional job.

Tom in Woodinville
May 2016

Everyone was great. Both Brian and Becky were outstanding.

Laraine in Mercer Island
May 2016

Please give my thanks to the person(s) who found and set aside my high school and college diplomas. I really appreciate it. I guess I didn't check everything as well as I thought.

I was very impressed with your whole process and the crew that came out and set up. They were friendly, professional and did a great job in setting up and arranging everything in just a day. With all the stuff I had, I was sure it was going to take several days. Brian was great, it is nice to see someone who works hard and clearly loves what he is doing. I will definitely be recommending you and your business to anyone looking for an estate sales company.

Please give my thanks to all who worked at my house.

Cindy in Bellevue
April 2016

Wow! Thanks for the amazing job Becky! I will definitely recommend Girlfriends to my clients and colleagues.

Paula at Windermere Real Estate
April 2016

I really enjoy your staff. A truly great, really nice group.

Joan (shopper)
April 2016

We have been going to estate sales since we moved back from Florida 3 years ago. We have come to the conclusion that "Girlfriends" has been the most fair, most organized and most friendly of all the similar companies in the area. Just thought you would like to know!!

Scott (shopper)
November 2015

It's a huge emotional and physical load off my shoulders having the house and mom’s contents to not have to worry about.

Your staff was excellent and professional throughout the whole process, your organization and pricing of the home contents, your marketing/photos and website coverage, your efficiency astounded me with the hundreds of people that showed up over a two-day sale.

Thank you again, your services are highly recommended.

David in Lynnwood
October 2015

Thank you to you, Brian and the rest of your team for all your hard work - you made our moving and downsizing process so much easier!

Catherine in Bellevue
May 2015

I only wanted to say what an incredible job and appearance your photos do to promote your sales. No one does it better!

Bob (shopper)
May 2015

I had a wonderful time at the estate sale last Thursday. You have a great group of people that work with you.

Tami (shopper)
May 2015

Thank you again for the incredible job you and your crew did. I know it was a small sale, but you still gave it your full attention.

Janice in Auburn
May 2015

I feel so fortunate to have contacted you to handle my estate sale. You, Brian, and the rest of your staff did an amazing job throughout the whole process. Teri and I will show up at one of your next sales, to say hi and maybe find a treasure!

Kathy in Gig Harbor
May 2015

Thanks for all your help with my Mom's place. It is MUCH appreciated and I wish you both the best with your business. I will certainly point others your way as they need your services.

Doug in Shoreline
January 2015

Thank you so much for the awesome job you did selling Michael's "phase I" items. We were very impressed with how you generated such a good turn out and managed the sale!!! As a former consignment shop owner, I know how much work goes into pricing, staging, advertising and accounting. We really appreciate your hard work! You are truly amazing. Thank you.

Julie and Michael in Renton
June 2014

Just a big thank you for all the work you and your people did to make the sale a success. All the preparation and then everyone running their tails off for 2 days sure made for a great sale. I'm not sure how many miles Brian and Jenny covered yesterday but they were constantly on the move. Jenny wouldn't even leave late yesterday afternoon until she was sure we were happy with where everything was. It was a pleasure to meet those we hadn't and work with each and everyone of them. Continued success to you!

Gale and Donna in Duvall
April 2014

Thank you again for all you did! We are so grateful for your service. I am glad and was even a bit surprised that the sale made enough to cover the costs of moving it all out of there and the cleaning. Walking into a completely cleared out house was worth every penny!

Thanks again Becky. You can be certain that I will refer you and your company and if I ever need to have an estate sale my own I will use you.

Kristen in Bellevue
March 2014

Hi Becky,

Just received the check and documentation and am very pleased to see you lowered the clean-out costs! Thank you so very much! The closing did, indeed, occur on time and I am finally just down to one house (thank goodness!) This was a great experience! Thanks again, so much!

Jan in Sammamish
January 2014

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did with my parents' estate sale, liquidation and clean out. I am blown away by your results and the ease (for me) with which it was accomplished. Not having done this before, I had modest expectations. Never did I dream that my parents' "junk" would bring in this much money. Finding myself overwhelmed with the work of clearing out their 50 years worth of belongings within a short time frame, I needed a company that was 'one- stop shopping'. Your full service company covered every phase of the process. I was relieved to find that you did a huge portion of the work for me. It turned an unmanageable task, into an easy job or me. Throughout the process, your professionalism and Brian's, engendered confidence and trust.

I was pleased every step of the way and I would highly recommend your services to anyone. I know that I never could have raised the amount of money which you did; for that I am very grateful. The cherry on top was when I saw how spotless you left the house. Check another task off my list, no more cleaning needed! Many, many thanks for everything.

Laura in Bellevue
January 2014

Hi Becky,
First: thanks of the sales figures - Wow! More than I had expected. I am hearing wonderful words about you and your team from Cindy L. (the Other Cindy) and neighbors who attended the sale. All speak very highly of your crew's professionalism, manners with the customers - especially their patience, and organization. Everyone is very pleased. I was very happy with the condition of the house after the sale and how much was cleaned up. Your company was the perfect firm for our needs and you did an excellent job! Thank you!

Cindy in Woodinville
Dec 2013

During the past few months, as we prepared our house for sale and juggled all of the time dependent projects to sell our home, arrange an estate auction, transport a car, and arrange a move of our household goods, you knew the demands and stress we incurred. Being a project manager by experience, I had to find people that would get the job done reliably and on time.

Admittedly, almost everyone I found for the myriad of tasks through references and interviews ended up doing an excellent job, however, I wanted to single out you three and thank you for your professional performances and follow-through.

As you well know, at times it was like "herding cats" and the projects required double and triple checking. You never required "chasing." Not only did you keep an eye on the big picture and the important grit details at the same time, you always took care of business and accomplished what you promised exactly when you said it would be done. That is rare in these days and something that a manager must value highly when discovered.

So, Wendy and I thank you for your performance and vindicating our expectations. It allowed us to focus on the loose ends and provide the buyers of our home with the time they wanted to get acquainted with our highly systemized house.

I am a very private person that also deals with confidential work so, I never will register with social networks like FaceBook or LinkedIn. However, I will look for you on Angie's List (great service) and provide you the top-most ratings. Also, should you ever need a reference, I will tell any prospective customer that the only mistake they can make is to not engage your services.

Thank you for being the professionals that you are!

Harvey in Bellevue
May 2013

Thank you and your crew for all the work you put into (my sale). This is my first experience in dealing with estate stuff, and it has not been an easy smooth sailing. I appreciate your patience working with me and was pleasure working with you.

Jamie in Seattle
March 2013

Thank you so much for the amazing sale. We are very pleased with the results! We are also impressed with the team's hard work, caring and honesty. Overall, it was a great experience.

Steve in Issaquah
January 2013

Three-day sale went very well. I was definitely happy with this company's efforts. Very professional. Great care with multiples of details. Belongings treated with care. Great with customers. What (Becky) and her team did was truly impressive, plus providing a final accounting.

Judy in Seattle
January 2013

Thank you Becky, Brian and your team for running such a professional and profitable estate sale for our aunt. Your professional sales staff were a pleasure to work with and left the unit ready for sale. We will definitely recommend your services to our friends and family.

Steve and Gwynn in Bellevue
June 2012

Recently, we were in need of some serious help to do an Estate Sale, so I looked online for a service. From the first moment we spoke to Becky, we knew that they would be the perfect ones to help us. The staff was extremely professional and had advanced customer service skills. They really surprised us constantly with their awesome knowledge of appraising items. We had some pretty bizarre stuff, and they knew exactly what they were doing at all times. They also did not hesitate to help us in any way possible to make life easy on us. They went the extra mile more than once. We feel that they are the best and have more to offer someone than just an helping you with an estate sale. I highly recommend them.

Katherine in North Seattle
May 2012

Great job on Mom's sale! Brian was helpful and nice to work with. We've already referred you to several people. We had a full cash offer on Mom's house from someone who saw the sale and the flyer. We cleaned her house this weekend, passed inspection on Sunday, and the buyer is measuring for furniture tonight. Hard to believe it's all happened so fast. Must have been meant to be. Thanks for everything.

Lisa, Lori, and Clark in Mercer Island
April 2012

Thank you. You and your team did a GREAT job. I would be glad to recommend you to any one. Thank you again.

Paul in Mukilteo
March 2012

Want to thank you again for all the work you did. We are very pleased with how you came in and and professionally handled the sale. Your team is, across the board, fabulous. Everyone was so friendly, hard-working, and professional.

Lisa in Redmond
February 2012

Thanks for the great sale. It was so gratifying to go to the house on Sunday and have it be empty and clean.

Dale in Edmonds
January 2012

Just wanted to thank you and your team for the amazing work on the sale. It was a pleasure working with all of you.

Dan in Seattle
August 2011

Thank you so much for the truly exceptional job you and your crew did with the overflowing contents of my parents’ home. They had lived in the same house for over 50 years, so there were many hidden treasures that you located and highlighted for the sale. My work as a volunteer with Vision House initially introduced me to Girlfriends Estate Services. Everyone I have spoken to has high praises for your integrity, honesty, skilled staff and good business sense. I witnessed all of those, not only in you Becky, but also in your great staff. You all were helpful, courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. Each person knows exactly what they are doing.

Losing both parents within one year and being left as the sole executor is an overwhelming sea of emotions. It can be a pretty unpopular job carrying out your parents’ wishes. I was overcome with emotion as I handled each item of my parents that had precious memories for me, and although it was hard to turn the house over leaving everything in your hands and not being there during the majority of the sale, it greatly relieved my stress. You and your staff did everything they could to ease me through the process. I felt confident that mom would be proud of the way her treasures were handled and your entire staff showed a great deal of respect for her things, which was very important to me.

I especially appreciate the fact that you priced the items that my brother and I had each set aside, as cherished memories of our parents, on the first day you were at the house, so we could get fair valuations on the sentimental items each of us wanted, and not have to wait until the day of the sale to purchase them.

I have already recommended your services to several of my friends who are struggling with how to honor their parents while selling their parents things. It’s a very emotional experience, and you and your crew are true professionals. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use my name, or have them contact me at the contact information you have on file for me.

Julie in Bellevue
July 2011

We both observed, separately, that your entire team extended a thoughtful, serving, and kind spirit with everyone with whom you dealt. Although it touched our hearts the most...as we truly needed it it most, we observed your team extended it to all. Your team not only did a remarkable job in pulling together Mom's place in having the estate sale, but you added a pleasant and giving spirit to the work you did. It felt more like an expression of your own kind spirits and more like a mission in serving the needs of others.

We wanted you (and your team) to know we not only noticed it, but were personally touched and blessed by it. Your kindness touched us at a critical time and will be carried in our hearts.

You are in the right business...the right calling.

(Name Withheld For Privacy) in Bellevue
July 2011

Thank you for a wonderful sale. June and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your crew. Please convey our gratitude to all for helping us conduct the Estate Sale. And we are very happy with the spectacular RESULTS of the sale - Wow!!! Again, thanks for your professionalism and good business sense.

Sherry in Everett
June 2011

I would like to make this message to thank everyone at Girlfriends Estate Sales. Everyone is very helpful and work hard to help resolve any issue that might come up. I would recommend your services to anyone who would be interested. Again thank you very much for all your help and professionalism.

Oksana in Kirkland
March 2011

Thanks for a great experience. Both you and Brian are professional and wonderful to work with. We have already recommended you to several people, so you should be hearing from some of them within the next 4 to 6 months and others are looking down the line within the next year. Tell Brian and Joe thank you for their amazing "rescue" of my ukulele. I can’t tell you what it meant to me.

Cathey in Kirkland
March 2011

I just looked over at home all the cool things I bought today and have come to the conclusion that everything is GREAT! Thank you so much for hosting such wonderful events! See you next week, and I won’t stray to other companies anymore. Last week, this guy said that he was having a “huge” sale, “the estate sale of my dreams,” I should “rent a van and bring $6,000.” I dragged my husband to this one to help me, and it turned out that the friends and family of the person who’d passed away had been allowed to take “small mementos” before the public was allowed in, but AFTER the pictures had been posted. It was a bait and switch, but I think the organizer didn't mean to be dishonest — he was just inexperienced, and didn't realize that the family and friends would strip the house of virtually every pretty thing. Anyway, I was kind of put out, and I wrote him an email explaining that I didn't think he handled the sale professionally. Also, he let in 36 people all at once, and the scene was chaotic. The prices were absurd for dealers. We had to wait at the jewelry table for the woman to write up the subtotal before moving on with our little jewelry bags. The whole thing was just a disorganized mess, and the selection was horrible. I bought little and missed you and your gang very much. I will definitely see you next week, and thank you again for today’s sale, at which I breathed a sigh of relief.

Nena (Shopper)

On behalf of my family, I wish to thank you for the excellent job you did staging my mom’s estate sale. It was a pleasure doing business with you and your professional crew. You took away all my stress and worry, and I was grateful to be able to turn all the responsibilities over to you in setting up and selling my mom’s treasures of a lifetime. I will highly recommend you and your staff to anyone who might need these services. Thank you.

Mary in Laurelhurst
March 2010

You did a fantastic job on a sale for us in Issaquah a few months ago. I have another house in Bothell that I’m hoping you might be able to help me with this Spring. I’m actually stopping by the Woodinville sale tomorrow to look at something I’m interested in – any chance you’ll be there? I’d love to thank you in person for the Issaquah job and see how your spring schedule looks for the Bothell house. Many thanks!

Shannon in Issaquah
February 2010

Thank you very much for all your hard work and effort you put into the sale. I will definitely recommend you if anyone I know has a need. I appreciate you letting me know how it went, and now it's on to selling the house. If it goes as smoothly as this did I will be very happy. You have a tough job and you make others lives better because of what you and your team do. Thank you again.

Joy in Kent
February 2010

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