What To Expect When Attending A Sale

Before the Sale

The exact address for the estate sale will be published at 5 AM the day the sale starts.  If you approach the property prior to 5 AM, don’t be surprised if the occupants, neighbors, or the police call you a trespasser.  We love the folks who shop our sales, but sorry–we will not bail you out of jail.  Most homes have monitored alarm systems, and we remove all valuables from the home outside of sale hours.

Questions Regarding Sale Items

If you call to ask about specific items in an upcoming sale, our office staff will do their best to answer your questions; however, they may not know more than what is already posted online. We do not give out pricing prior to opening a sale, and our set-up staff may not remember the condition or size of an item from one of the three houses they visit over the span of a week. Once the sale has opened, you may call us at (425) 829-3848 and we will do our best to answer questions, but please understand that the shoppers at our sale are our first priority and we will not hold items based on a phone call. Frankly, your best bet to get the item you want is to make arrangements to shop the sale.

Entry to the Sale

Updated Estate Sale Procedures:

The health and safety of our shoppers & our staff is of critical importance to us. In this season we are making a number of adjustments in order to provide a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

Please follow Washington state guidelines, wear masks until further notice, and please stay home if not feeling well.

Stay 6ft Apart: Please stay 6ft apart from other customers while shopping in the house. At times shoppers will need to wait to enter a room until other customers are finished.

** Pricing information will not be available prior to the sale. **
Sales Tax will be Collected
Credit/Debit cards (Chip only) may be available depending on internet services.
Please bring your own wrap, bags, boxes and help to move furniture and items purchased. Our staff will not be available to help move items. They are needed in the home.
Sorry, No pre-sales, previews or pricing information available prior to the sale.
Not responsible for accidents or injuries.
No refunds, exchanges or returns – all sales final.

Please inspect all items before purchase, and any electronics, test before you purchase.

**Girlfriends Estate Sales allows those waiting in line to enter the property on a first come first served basis. This means the first people to arrive at the sale will be the first in the home when it opens. A limited number of people will be allowed into the home at intervals to ensure your shopping can be as safe and uninterrupted as possible. The larger the home, the more individuals allowed in at one time. If you arrive early or if there are a large number of attendees at the sale, you will need to wait in line to gain entry into the sale via The List.

The List

A list may be used to keep track of your place in line. The list may not be posted before 5 AM on the first day of the sale. Shoppers in line control the list. Girlfriends Estate Sales staff may use the list to manage entry to the sale.

Shopping the Sale

After entering the sale, you will find a variety of items available for purchase. If you see an item you want, pick it up and keep it with you if it is small enough to carry. Please bring your own open boxes (we try to provide some). Girlfriends Estate Sales will provide a holding area near checkout for larger items.  If it is not possible to carry the item around, call one of the Girlfriends Estate Sales staff and tell them you want the item. They will mark it “SOLD” and write your name and phone number on the item for you. Please inspect and test items you wish to purchase. All items are sold as-is. We offer no guarantees, refunds or exchanges once an item has been purchased. Sales Tax will be collected unless you provide a valid reseller permit with the State of Washington.

All items purchased are “You-Haul”.
We do not offer loading assistance.

There are many companies and apps on your phone who will move items for you.


In general, prices are not negotiable on the first (or only) day of the sale. We price all items as fairly and reasonably as possible. If it is a 1.5-day or 2-day sale, prices may be reduced at our discretion after the first day. If you would like to purchase an item for less than its marked price, please ask one of our staff for a bid card.

More about the Bid System

Bid cards are found by the checkout area and should be placed in the bid box. All bids must be at least 50% of the price marked (i.e., on a $300 item the minimum bid would be $150). Successful bidders will be notified after the first sale day ends. The winning bidder must make arrangements to pay for and pick up the item the next morning. Please do not bid on an item unless you intend to honor your bid!  If the winning bidder cannot pick up the item, it will be offered to the next highest bidder or placed back in the sale and offered again to the public.


Thank you for your continued interest in our estate sales, and we look forward to seeing you there! If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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