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Consignments: Art, China, Silver

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  • Cash & Credit Cards accepted.
  • WA Sales tax will be collected.
  • Please remember to bring your own wrap, bags, boxes and help to move furniture and items purchased.
  • We have a strict no pre-sales or previews policy.
  • Pricing information is not available prior to the sale.
  • We are not responsible for accidents or injuries.
  • No refunds or returns. All sales final.
  • For more information on our terms of sale including rules on Sale Entry, The List, and Pricing, please see our What To Expect page.

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Note: These items are for Sale now! More items may be added as pictures are taken. Call Becky at 425 829-3848 or Brian at 425 443-5529 or email to make an appointment to purchase at our new office location: Beckymehtala@gmail.com or brianmehtala@gmail.com

Lenox “Cinderella” china set of 46 pieces

13 Audubon Prints
2 Misc. Prints
18 pc complete set of Audubon Prints

1 Large Sterling Silver Trophy, 1927 to 1957
1 Sterling Spoon R W & S
Large Trophy Bowl (1957 last date)
4 Sterling Spoons Pick/Shovel w/ box
10K 12.6g Ring
6 Spoons R W & S, monogram S
Towle Old Master set:
6 salad forks
7 Dinner Forks
14 Teaspoons
2 Serving Spoons
2 Cocktail Forks
1 Powdered Sugar Spoon
4 Butter Spreaders
1 Cheese Serving Knife
1 Hollow Handle Butter Knife
11 Place Knives